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For many of us, quilting is a lifeline. Each stitch ties us to other lives and brings a closeness to
those we love – sometimes even to those we don’t know, but still care about. May your own
quilting bring you joy and comfort throughout your life.

We at Just for Fun! Quilting pride ourselves in getting your quilt back to you within two weeks!

Pressing: Pressing your quilt is very important. If your seams are not laying down, it can cause the hopping foot to push the fabric and create uneven quilting.
Loose Threads: Clip loose threads and check for loose seams. They can be caught on the machine while quilting.
Edges: If your outer edge has a lot of small pieces you can run a straight stitch on the outer edge. It helps to keep them from stretching.
Adding Extra: Be sure to add 8″ to both the width and length of your back and batting. This gives us room to mount your quilt and an area for the clamps to hold up the edges.
Selvages: Using the selvage edge in your quilt back or top will cause a tightness that has no give. Always avoid using the selvage.
Each piece: We need top, batting and backing separate for mounting onto the machines – basting is NOT necessary and must be removed before quilting.

Typical Costs

Level 1 – 3 cents per square inch. Patterns are large and run quickly.
Level 2 – 3.5 cents per square inch. Patterns are slightly more complex, such as a small meander or pattern which doubles back on itself.
The guide below shows the costs of each tier, as well as space to calculate the typical price for your quilting. Note: These prices are only for the quilting, and do not include thread or the purchase of batting or backing.

To Price:
Length x Width = _____________
x Level = _____________

A 60” quilt done in a simple meander (Level 1) would be as follows:
60” x 70” = 4,200
x .03 = $126.00

Trimming and Binding
We offer quilt trimming and binding services! We can trim your quilt batting and backing after it has been quilted so that it's ready for you to bind! Or we can complete your binding on the edge of your quilt for you.

Trimming cost - $12

We can add the binding onto one side, complete it by machine or by hand. Price is per linear inch. The trim fee is waived for quilts that we bind for you.
One side binding - 25 cents per inch
Binding complete by Machine - 30 cents per inch
Binding complete by Hand - 35 cents per inch

To Price:
(Length + Width) x 2 = _____
x binding method = _____

A 60” x 70" quilt binding would be as follows:
(60" + 70") x 2 = 260"

One side - $5
By machine - $78
By hand - $91

Other Labor
Want to add a small special message to your quilt? We also make custom embroidered labels! We can add the label directly to the front or back of the quilt, or on a separate piece of fabric and add it onto the back (our preferred method). We will even make one for you for a finished quilt!

Label Cost (includes labor and single thread color) -  $25

If you need repairs done to your quilt or any other labor done will be charged $25 per hour. Please call or see one of our associates for more details.
General Information
With backing fabric, we require a minimum of four inches extra on all sides due to our loading style. This means your backing must measure at least eight inches wider and eight inches longer than your quilt top. I.E. if your top is 60″ x 70″, then your backing needs to be at least 68″ x 78″ before we can work with it. Note: This also applies to batting.

We are the proud owners of two top-of-the-line Computerized Innova quilting machines, which means literally thousands of patterns to choose from. And if we don’t have the perfect one for you on hand, we can order it electronically or even have one custom made! The choices are endless.

Thread prices are based on thread choice and number of bobbins used. Bobbin size is approximately 65 yards.

Regular $1.75 per bobbin

Batting: Pricing for batting ranges from .17 cents to .87 cents per inch.
Warm & Natural 45” – 90” – 124”
Warm & White 45" - 90” – 124”
Soft N’ Bright 45” – 90” - 124"
Heirloom Black 108”
Warm & Plush 90"