Absolute Beginners Quilting with Linda Heglin

Have you always wanted to quilt but don't know where or how to start? Join us and become a confident quilter in only a few short weeks. In this class we will cover: Tools and equipment, books and magazines, fabric selection, cutting and piecing skills, applying borders, binding the quilt and quilting math. You will complete a 70" x 70" quilt.

Glitter Village

Get Started on your holiday decorations. Really fun little buildings for the holiday..

Paper Piecing Primer

Easily master sharp points, smooth curves, and precise piecing with my favorite technique! This will be a technique class on learning how to do paper piecing. If you've tried it before and weren't sure you really 'got' it this is perfect for you. We'll also be stitching curves so you'll actually practice two different techniques with this class.

Oct 26
Panda Prints
Oct 27
Fabric Painting Workshop
Oct 28
Beginning Quilting with Victoria Jones